Hi! I'm Merritt. 

I just returned to Durham after a year stint in Charlotte (thank you, Charlotte clients - y’all are wonderful). I’ve spent over 6 years in Durham and call it home. Loved the year I just spent in Charlotte. If anyone wants food recommendations in either of these fine NC cities, please reach out.

I have an affinity for farmers markets, homemade food, dramatic landscapes, moody weather, friendly potlucks, candles, music, market lights, and long walks in beautiful places.

My approach to photography is interactive and natural, capturing those spontaneous moments and keeping posing to a minimum. Flash is used minimally, with a preference for natural light.

As a primarily relational person, I naturally gravitate toward emotional, intimate, authentic people and experiences. This makes me especially drawn to weddings, births, families, and any story that reflects the kind of living that provokes intentionality and thoughtful reflection.

Want to work together? Become friends?
Say hello any time.
Happy to travel!

Proud supporter of Equality NC.