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Welcome to the world, Linus!

Welcome to the world, Linus!

Such a treat to meet a family just weeks before their bambino's arrival. And then: to see him at 2-and-a-half weeks. Looking forward to seeing him grow.

Family Beach Week

Just back from family beach week. A real experience of summer: sunny skies, nice breeze, fireworks, swimming...

All of us are in different parts of the world now, exploring and building new experiences, careers, identities, and relationships. It is something special to still have this time together most every summer. A time for extended family - cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins, significant ones, etc. - to catch up on life and enjoy a little break together. 

Fun to think back to the early family beach gatherings, when we were sandy toddlers and naps were spent on the beach. Not much has changed.