Grayce + Jon's DIY Wedding in Travelers Rest, SC

A beautiful day filled with the hearty warmth and support of family and friends, taking care of all the flowers, decorating, sound system, set-up, officiating, music, and signage. The mother of the bride even made all the bridesmaids' skirts!

Grayce's family was like family to me in college, giving me a home away from home. So grateful to have another significant life moment to celebrate with this crew.

Wishing Grayce and Jon the best out in California!

The groom's father officiated the beginning of the ceremony.

Really hard to not add a gazillion more photos of the bride's adorable nephew who felt comfortable enough with his aunts to join the bridesmaids up front.

Yep, just can't stop with this little dude. So stinkin' cute, here with his grandmother, the momma of the bride.

The groom's sis.

The bride's father officiated over their vows.

Just a little rain following the ceremony. Cleared up in no time.